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Uses For Vr That Aren’t Just Fun And Games

Most people know VR as an intense and very life-like gaming experience, where you can put on a headset and feel like you are there in the game and the moment. But that’s just one of the many applications of Virtual Reality.

Uses for VR that aren’t just fun and games

One of the main alternatives for VR in the military. The military in the US and UK have adopted Virtual Reality to help their soldiers go through realistic and life-like simulations to prepare them for any conflict better. Some police stations in the US have also adopted it to help police officers go through sensitivity training.

The field of medicine is another growing area for VR, where medical students can perform virtual surgeries without any consequences. Therefore the risk of harm to a patient in that regard is eliminated. This involves the usage of simulations involving the human body, and how medical students can accurately identify, treat or pacify body parts, illness and issues respectively Also, in psychiatry and mental health, Virtual Reality has become a standard procedure, especially when treating PTSD. By helping a patient suffering from PTSD, by a re-enactment of a scenario while being in a safe environment. It can also help with depression, anxiety, and general phobias. Having the tools to make a person face their fears without putting them in any danger is an outstanding achievement that VR has accomplished.

One of the lesser-known applications is in the Automotive industry.

VR is currently being used in many automotive companies to replicate designs of vehicles using Virtual Reality to help save costs from building thousands of prototypes by assisting the engineers in checking the design and construction of the object in question without spending any money on manufacturing prototypes.

Tourism is another industry where VR technology is growing, enabling a potential traveler to check out any destination and getting a reality-bending experience of the country or city they want to visit, making any money spent on traveling worthwhile.

Uses for VR that aren’t just fun and games

Education is an ever-evolving field, and it was inevitable that the most recent technologies would make their way into this field. No surprise, a few years after the commercialization of VR technology, it has also been incorporated into educating eager minds in Universities and even schools. Even Real Estate has a niche for VR technology. When potential investors can see the pre-emptive structures and walk through simulations of them, it makes for a much stronger pitch than the average seven-step solution you wrote yourself on a whiteboard.

All in all, Virtual Reality in the gaming industry is just half the picture; the other side is that Virtual Reality can use it to help people, train them better and save costs for companies and paying customers alike.

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